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    The company specialized in processing, molding, and automatic manufacturing the automobile parts

    Company info

    One-stop Automatic Manufacture Line!
    Quality management system
    High reliability in quality

    DHG develops and produces key parts of automobiles based on technological competence in precision manufacturing.

    Beginning with mold production, we are equipped with competence in flexible supply of products because of our automated production line and one-stop robot-automated processing line. We also provide reliable quality products with our advanced precision measurement equipments, as well as field-focused quality management system.

    We are aiming to be a top company with global competitiveness, meanwhile we are growing by expanding to a many of continents in Asia, Europe, America. In addition, all our executives and employees think that customers are a top of priority and do their best to provide the best quality and services not only in the domestic market but also in the global market with endless challenges and passion.

    We ask for your interest and support.

    President of DHG Co., Ltd.
    Nam, Kyu-dong

    Management philosophy

    Reasonable Cost

    Effective parts management system and use of in-house facilities

    Reasonable and competitive price based on perfect processing process

    High Quality

    Quality maximization of all major products through main processing inspection

    Compliance with rigorous quality control for the prevention of inadequate leakage by applying product tracking and management system

    Compliance with Deadline

    Responsible delivery that adheres to deadline with prioritization of trust in mind


    • Addition of the mass production line and building of automated production line facilities Product variation & customer diversification

    • Building of the casting line
      Development of electric car items

    • Building of total automation for processing line
      Mass production of the next generation product
      Expansion of global marketing

    Privacy statements

    • DHG Co., Ltd.
    • Address : 42, Dalseong2cha 4-ro, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu DHG.Co.,Ltd President : Nam, Kyu-dong
    • Tel : +82-53-263-0002 Fax : +82-53-263-0008Email : dhtech@globaldh.com