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    The company specialized in processing, molding, and automatic manufacturing the automobile parts


    One-stop Automatic Manufacture Line!
    Quality management system
    High reliability in quality

    All our executives and employees exert their best efforts to provide products and services with the best quality not only in the domestic market but also in the global market through their ceaseless passion for excellence and challenging spirit, with customers as their top priority.

    • 2020

      2020.01Relocation for plant expansion (Dalseong Secondary)


      2019.01SYMC Tier-2 Registration


      2018.07IATF16949 Certification
      2018.01Expanded a plant [Established the Automation Business Department]


      2017.11Converted to a corporation [DHG Co. Ltd.]
      2017.06H/KMC Tier-2 Registration
      2017.05BorWarner Tier-1 Registration


      2015.12Expanded a plant [Established the Processing Business Department]


      2009.02Transferred a plant [Secheon-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu]


      2007.02Established DH [Mold Business Department]

    Privacy statements

    • DHG Co., Ltd.
    • Address : 42, Dalseong2cha 4-ro, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu DHG.Co.,Ltd President : Nam, Kyu-dong
    • Tel : +82-53-263-0002 Fax : +82-53-263-0008Email : dhtech@globaldh.com