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    The company specialized in processing, molding, and automatic manufacturing the automobile parts

    Research Capacity

    Technology Research Center Current Status

    Our technology Research Center

    Our technology Research Center has been growing to be a top company with global competitiveness through continuous and independent technology development. The Center has been supporting in various directions, including the continuous tasks for successful new development projects of domestic and global companies, keeping an eye on customer and predicting their trends, technology/process management and cost management.

    The best process quality is provided by the optimized mold manufacturing used the new technologies, development of precision processing technologies, tooling and construction of self-produces production facility. With challenges and creative technology innovations, customer will be satisfied.

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    • Address : 42, Dalseong2cha 4-ro, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu DHG.Co.,Ltd President : Nam, Kyu-dong
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